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Mister G Tutoring

Mister G is a personal education service based in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland, led by Mister G himself alongside a growing team of highly qualified and experienced teachers to deliver quality tutoring services. Mister G specialises in one on one and small group tutoring for children of all ages.


Mister G makes learning fun and engaging! Every student has their own learning needs and Mister G uses the one-on-one or small group sessions to discover how your child learns and what their interests are and we develop a plan with that in mind. Learning should be fun, and we ensure this happens to make concepts, strategies and learning tools become permanent.


When children come to learn with Mister G, they are entering into a fun and comfortable, purpose built environment, designed with them in mind. We use traditional pen and paper methods for literacy and mathematics because children are visual and kinesthetic learners. It’s a proven method and we aren’t about to give it up for an electronic device!


Lead by a passionate sport and fitness enthusiast as well as an experienced Physical Educator in Primary Schools, Mister G provides regular sport and fitness classes. We have fitness classes available as well as private sports lessons.

About Mister G

Mister G, aka Michael Grimmer, is a passionate and experienced teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching from The University of Auckland. Mister G has worked as a teacher of Years 3 and 4 for 7 years at Shelly Park School in Howick and now runs Mister G full time.


One of his strengths is to ensure that his students feel comfortable about their identity and to create a positive, collaborative, working relationship. Positive reinforcement is paramount in building a child’s confidence. It is often lacking when they feel like they’re ‘not good’ at something and Mister G ensures that students feel great about the achievements that they make not matter how big or small they might be.


Teachers in New Zealand are struggling to come to grips with the ever increasing amount of paperwork they are forced to do and as a result they are spending less time working directly with their students. Mister G is endeavouring to bring quality ‘teacher time’ with his students and model good learning strategies for all aspects of education. Mister G provides students with methods to succeed that are tailored to each individual based on their strengths and learning style.

Whaka paohotia oku painga kia ngaro oku ngoikoretanga

Highlight my strengths and my weaknesses will disappear.