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Reading is a vital part of a child’s education. We at Mister G tailor reading sessions to suit your child’s specific needs. We make reading fun and engaging by choosing books based on your child’s interests and by involving them at every step of the learning process. Mister G communicates with child, parents and teacher to ensure that we are targeting the areas needed to improve their reading. We can provide assistance for comprehension, phonics, ESOL and Dyslexia.

Writing & Spelling

Writing and spelling are becoming lost arts. Children are bubbling with imagination and creativity but aren’t always able to get it down on to paper. Mister G provides methods and strategies to students so that they can turn their ideas into pieces of work that they can be proud of. With the advent of Spellcheck, spelling can often be neglected however if you don’t know the first few letters of a word, even that doesn’t work and we all know the pitfalls of predictive text! Mister G can provide not only students but parents as well, with support in learning how to spell confidently and accurately.


With the introduction of the Numeracy Project several years ago, the Education System has placed a huge importance on strategy. Many students (and parents) have become confused by the variety of methods to solve simple equations. Here at Mister G, we find the best strategy to suit your child and reinforce this method. We’re not afraid to use the traditional algorithm system that was taught many years ago!