Terms & Conditions - Mister G
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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition for Mister G Ltd:


All Tutoring Classes may be referred to as ‘Lessons’, ‘Class’ or ‘Classes’ in the following Terms and Conditions.


1. REGISTRATION / ENROLMENT & FEES 1.1 Enrolling in a Tutoring Class secures a booking for the whole term. Enrolments are carried over each term, reserving a student’s spot. Notice of withdrawal must be given if a student is not returning to classes for any subsequent terms or full fees will be charged for that term. 1.2 Fees are on a per term basis and full payment is expected by the date due as shown on the invoice. 1.3 Fees will be on a pro rata basis only by previous agreement between Mister G Ltd and the client. 1.4 Late payment constitutes default under this agreement. 1.5 All public holidays are observed. Classes run during term time and coincide with the New Zealand primary school term which generally consists of around ten weeks. 1.6 Fees: Fees are subject to change at any time and are reviewed annually. At least 2 months’ notice will be given prior to any fee change. Fees include GST. 1.7 Refunds: No refunds will be given for missed sessions or early withdrawal from classes during the term. Parents / Guardians are responsible for attendance. No discount or make up lesson will be offered in the case of a student missing a class. In the case of a teacher being unwell or unable to teach a class, a make-up lesson will be offered where possible. If this is not possible, a credit towards the following term for that missed class will be offered.


2. STUDENT HEALTH & SAFETY 2.1 You consent to your child participating in lessons and that when you are not present, you consent to your child being under the care of a teacher. 2.2 To ensure a student’s well being during classes, medical information must be supplied in the case of any physical, learning or mental disability. 2.4 In the event of an emergency, where a parent / guardian is not present, all effort will be made to contact the caregiver nominated on the registration form. If contact is unsuccessful, this agreement allows the teacher to take all necessary steps for the proper care and treatment of the student, including, but not limited to seeking professional medical help, taking the student to hospital and in a worst case scenario, authorising general anaesthetic.